Most people hear the word “mold” and recoil in fright. The truth is some molds are actually good for you; the antibiotic penicillin is made from a mold. However, some molds can cause health problems.

Black mold is one of the few that is harmful to people, if you suspect you have black mold in your home, call Platinum Care Cleaning and Restoration and we’ll do an inspection. If we find black mold, we’ll tell you how we can get rid of it.

When people talk about black mold in a house, they usually refer to the greenish-black Stachybotrys, the scientific name for the spotty mold that grows in damp places. Other molds that may be in your home are Cladosporium, Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Alternaria.

Stachybotrys grows in places where it has moisture and low nitrogen content. Under the sink, around any drains and near the HVAC vents are common places to find this mold. A tiny leak in a drain is enough to set up conditions for Stachybotrys growth behind the sink or under a bathtub.

It’s not exactly the mold you have to worry about. It’s the toxins produced by the mold and what that mold can do your house. If left unchecked, the mold can severely damage drywall and wood. It has to be torn out and replaced.

The Centers for Disease Control say the mold can cause breathing problems if you are exposed to it long enough. Even light exposure can create allergic reactions.

You may have heard that bleach or the “Killz” spray can get rid of black mold. It will get rid of the surface mold. But the spores penetrate the wood and the gypsum in the drywall. The mold will come back unless it’s completely removed and the conditions that caused it to grow are removed.

If you see mold in your home on the walls, floor or corners, call Platinum Care Cleaning and Restoration. We are the mold removal experts. We can get rid of the mold and suggest ways to stop it from coming back. We find out what allowed the mold to start growing and we tell you what’s needed to prevent it from coming back.

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