Water damage can be grouped into three rough categories

1) Long term slow leak

2) Short term major leak

3) Flood

The long term leak is like a pipe under the sink. It drips just a little every day. It’s not really enough for you to notice because it doesn’t spill out to the floor. The leak can be under the commode, the shower/bathtub or a pipe under your house. It can be in a pipe inside the wall. It doesn’t have to be an incoming pipe. Drain pipes can leak too and these are much harder to detect until it’s too late.

If the leak is on an incoming line, you can turn off all the water outlets in the house. If your water meter keeps turning, you’ve got a leak.

If you have a drain line leak, it won’t leak unless water is leaving your house.

If you catch the leak immediately, there’s nothing to worry about. Dry the area and go on with life.

But if you don’t catch the leak for months, then you have real problems. Wood warps and rots. Drywall and wood can develop dangerous black mold. All this stuff has to be torn out and replaced.

This is the most common leak we find in homes and buildings. No one notices until a foul odor appears. Or, even worse, something goes crashing through the floor.

A short term major leak is usually easy to find. Water shooting out of the wall or from under a cabinet can’t be ignored. A soggy yard where it should be dry is an indicator of a leak in the yard or under the house.

A flood is water damage that can’t be prevented. When the river rises, the water is coming. The best you can do is move valuables out of the way.

No matter what kind of water damage you have, PlatinumCare Cleaning & Restoration is there to help you recover. We’re the experts at mold removal. We know what to tear out and how to replace it.

If you have water damage, the first thing to do is to stop the leak – unless of course you are dealing with a flood. Then call PlatinumCare Cleaning & Restoration. We will work hard to get your home or office back to its pre-water damaged condition.

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